Investor Relations

Reasons to Invest in Epic Advanced Materials

High Value

IP Portfolio

• 11 patents covering high yield BNNT production.
• Advanced plasma synthesis software models.



• SMEs in BNNTs, plasma synthesis, and nanotechnology.
• Entrepreneurial focus.

Culture of


• Small and agile management team.
• Customer-focused innovation for sustained growth.

Early Entry Into a

Growing Market

• Strong demand levels across multiple industries.
• Stabilized costs for mass production.

Strategic Partnerships

Epic Advanced Materials works to promote the adoption and awareness of Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs) and other nanomaterials by creating and growing relationships with customers and strategic partners across a number of industries. By listening to the needs and requirements of our partners, we are better able to tailor our nanomaterial solutions to fit specific needs and solve complex problems. We encourage research and development teams in academia and industry to reach out to us with their material challenges so that we can work collaboratively to reach a solution.

Epic Advanced Materials has research affiliations with prominent universities and national laboratories and has received letters of support for their synthesis technology from a number of industry leaders.

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