Aerospace & Defense

Enabling the Next Generation of Advanced Aerospace Materials

Possible applications:

  • Low reactivity additive to improve mechanical properties of aluminum and other metal alloys
  • Thermal protection systems to improve ablation resistance and survivability in high temperature flight conditions
  • Enhanced matrix materials to significantly increase interlaminar composite strength
  • High transparency reinforcements for glass and transparent armor structures
  • Tougheners for ceramics, ceramic matrix composites, and 3D printed materials
  • Solar radiation shielding materials for protection of personnel and electronics during space missions


Improving Biocompatible Materials and Targeted Drug Delivery Systems

Possible applications:

  • Biocompatible and chemically inert materials for high strength prosthetics
  • Nanocarriers and nanosensors for advanced drug delivery systems
  • High cellular uptake material for drug tracing and targeted therapies
  • Functionalizable high sensitivity diagnostic devices
  • Cellular scaffolding for tissue and nerve regeneration


Enhancing Capabilities of Electronic Materials and Devices

Possible applications:

  • Specialized nanostructures for electromagnetic shielding, plasmonic devices, and advanced memory storage
  • High thermal conductivity polymers and composites for heat dissipation and thermal management
  • Piezoelectric materials for advanced sensors and actuators
  • Tunable bandgap materials for semiconductors
  • Hydrophobic conformal coatings for device protection


Supporting New Technologies for High Efficiency Energy Generation and Storage

Possible applications:

  • High capacity hydrogen storage devices for advanced battery technologies
  • Neutron/radiation absorbing materials for nuclear energy generation
  • Membranes for carbon dioxide removal from industrial flue gas
  • High thermal conductivity heat transfer fluids
  • Flame retardant materials for safety applications

Water Purification

Creating Highly Functionalized Water-Permeable Filters

Possible applications:

  • Desalination membranes with high water permeation and salt rejection
  • Highly functionalized membranes for selective filtering technologies
  • Aerogels for high capacity removal of oils from water sources
  • Nanofiltration devices for removal of organic pollutants
  • Electrically tunable membranes for adjustable rate water filters

For research materials on industrial applications of BNNTs, visit our Resources page.