Patented High Yield Synthesis Process

Epic Advanced Materials is the first company able to reliably and affordably provide Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs) using a new synthesis process developed by the original theorizer of BNNTs, Dr. Alex Zettl. The Extended-Pressure Inductively Coupled (EPIC) plasma synthesis process used by Epic Advanced Materials is capable of producing high quality BNNT material at a rate over 17 times greater than traditional synthesis methods. This process draws on the strengths and eliminates the weaknesses of other methods and will serve as a catalyst for making BNNTs more available to researchers and a viable component in industrial supply chains.

Consistent High Purity Production

The nature of the EPIC synthesis process allows for the production of high quality and consistent BNNTs that do not suffer from metal catalyst contamination, structural defects, or inefficient reactant conversion. The process is also remarkably scalable, allowing for high product yields of double-walled and multi-walled BNNTs. The process can produce felt-like mats of BNNTs as well as balls of BNNTs that resemble cotton candy. Contact us for more information on our BNNT product offerings.

Software Driven Process Optimization

To ensure consistent quality of BNNT products, Epic Advanced Materials uses a software driven process optimization approach to inform design considerations and process automation tools. Epic aims to create a robust “digital twin” of their synthesis machines to create a virtual environment to simulate the manufacturing process, suggest production improvements, and enhance predictive maintenance of operations. Epic has made significant progress in modeling the complex interactions that occur during plasma driven material synthesis and these efforts will allow for a complete understanding of the parameter space afforded by this complex process.